Bubble Box 3D Print File

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Digital download of the Bubble Box pen blank .stl file for 3D printing. This includes both the original file with the smaller holes as well as the updated file with the two smallest holes removed for easier filling. The download is a .zip file with both files included, just download and unzip to access both files.

  • .stl file digital download only - NOT a printed model, blank, or pen
  • File will be available to download after purchase
  • Native dimensions are 7/8" x 5.25"
  • File can be resized in slicer program
  • No mold needed, just pour resin in box

Copyrighted - Buyer agrees to abide by the following Non-Commercial license:

  • Noncommercial use only- Files are for personal printing only, do not share .stl file and DO NOT SELL .stl FILE
  • Printed models may be used to create pen blanks, pens, or other works to be sold

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