The Beginners Guide To Resin Casting

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Ready to jump into resin casting but not sure where to start? Not to worry, The Beginner's Guide to Resin Casting is here! This PDF download e-book provides a broad overview of all the basics so you'll know how it works, what you'll need to get started, and what is possible. This e-book will shorten the learning curve and get you started casting quick.

This guide is intended for beginners with little to no experience with resin casting. The main purpose of the e-book is to help you understand how resin casting works, inform you about what equipment and supplies you will need, and show you many of examples of what's possible. When you're finished reading it, you'll understand the basics and be confident to start pouring resin.

In this e-book, you will learn:

    • Resin casting safety
    • Types of projects you can make with resin
    • How to choose which resin to use
    • Tools and supplies needed to get started
    • Proper mixing and measuring
    • Bonus step-by-step project tutorial

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Zac has created a perfect guide to start resin casting!

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