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This is a limited run! Only 14 blanks available.

10 Colors plus white. This is a mix of transparent dyed resin plus mica powders and a swirl of white in each. The blanks were poured "dirty" - where a mica and a transparent cup are poured together first, then the five cups are poured into the mold. There will be a lot of depth in these blanks due to the inclusion of transparent resin. Make sure to cover up those tubes if you are going with a kit.

Check out the livestream replay below to watch as we make these blanks.

Each blank is 100% unique!

  • Standard Length Blanks are approximately 5.5" x .75" round
  • Price is for one pen blank
  • Made with Alumilite Clear Slow Resin
  • Round blanks, no need to knock off corners!

For Best Results

  • Although we load up the blanks with a ton of mica powder, we recommend painting tubes or using nickel plated tubes to ensure the tube doesn't show

The Alumilite Advantage!
Alumilite is by far the best resin I’ve found for casting pen blanks. It’s a joy to turn, and it easily polishes up to a high gloss. Finishing these blanks doesn’t get any simpler! Just sand and polish with polishing papers, plastic polish, or buffing wheels.

GOOD BYE CHIPOUT!! Alumilite resin is not brittle like many of the mass produced or polyester resin blanks on the market. The blanks are cast under pressure to ensure there are no voids or trapped air bubbles in the resin.

Customer Reviews

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